Crochet Vest

Single FREE Crochet Baby Sweater and Vest Beauty Crochet Pattern images 2019

Summer is here. Time for bold prints, bright colors and everything to do with fringes. After all, it was a long, bleak winter. Adding a soft neutral color, such as the boho crochet vest, can help soften a conspicuous pattern and get a pony.


Dainty Place’s popular lemon zest is a perfect example. It gives you all summer sensations. The Dainty Place makes high-quality, handmade children’s clothing that I secretly like to have in my size. Now I want a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.

And if I told you, you could do that crocheted vest. even if you are new crochet? Do not be intimidated Here is an overview of the simple design. The only seams are on top of the shoulders. Simply peasy, lemon squeezer. When I designed the children’s vest with a fringe pattern, I did not know how popular it would be. Requests for more sizes have arrived in droves. I have a special place in my heart for baby crochet tutorials. I made crocheted baby accessories for a few years before I started writing patterns.

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