Baby Hat

Free Baby Crochet Hat Patter Ideas, Beauty and Cute for 2019

If you do not have a baby hat in your arsenal, what are you waiting for ?! Not only are hats easy to crochet and easy to use for novice hooks, but they are also great gifts (I’m not the only one who rushes for a baby shower present at the last minute, right?). And when you work on a hat as big as a baby, you first have to know. Win win.

The tutorial presented here gives you the basics, but there’s always room to adapt, be creative, and customize the hat.


Step 1: Choose your thread and your hook
Of course you can use the desired wire. Remember, not all threads are the same. Think about these things before you start to hang out.

Choose a soft thread. Let’s be honest: A hat comes close to the head of the baby and becomes personal – the thread must be soft. Consider other sensitivities: Wool can be an excellent choice, but not if your luck package is allergic.
Choose a washable thread. New parents do not have time to wash a baby’s hat by hand. Do not ask her to do this. Choose a wire that does not shrink or get damaged in a washing machine. Bonus points for a thread that can be thrown into the dryer.
Choose a thread that you can work with easily. Now it’s time to pamper yourself and pick a thread with a good stitch definition, not a lash line that’s hard to work with. A lighter color will help you to see your stitches clearer, a definite plus if you still master the hook. Choose a yarn that is comfortable for you.

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