Baby Cardigan

Free and Single Crochet Baby Sweater and Cardigans for new 2019

This simple pattern from a crochet baby sweater is for experienced manufacturers of cardigans. (Just because I’m still a beginner writing reasons, so there will be instructions that will be confusing, if you have never prepared a sweater or a cardigan.) But if you are an adventurous beginner, try to see if I write, that the motive makes sense to you. Sometimes you just jump in the pool.


Before starting the next chain hook, place the chain and count ten strings and place a marker in the tenth chain. Then put a dot mark in the 16th chain, the 29th chain and the 35th chain. I do it because you do not have to count anymore.

Here’s some advice to make sure you connect the wire and the hook in the right direction. Join the wire in the middle of the three strings you made earlier to make the armhole. Now take a close look at the PCs and determine their direction. You want to launch your SC in the opposite direction as if you had chained and shot one. Therefore, I still think the top stitches is a small v, and I know that if I hang with the little part of the fifth on my left or pointing to the left, it’s the opposite direction. You want to be careful because the hook should fit the top.

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