Baby Blanket

Easy Diy FREE Baby Blanket CROCHET Patterns Yo can Make IN A Weekend

There are many ideas on how you can easily create baby blankets on the internet, but some do not have free patterns. Sometimes these free templates are so complicated that you feel like you’re lost and your project never completes on time. So we’ve been looking for the best models for modern, free crocheted blankets to give you a variety of options for a project that you can easily pick up on the weekend.

Whether you’re addicted or addicted to this wonderful work of yarn, these free crochet pattern designs will give you lots of orientation for a quick and easy project. Just pick your favorite TV show, a thread and a hook – these simple crochet projects are addictive because they’re so easy to follow.


I am so happy to finally share this model with you! It has been a draft for far too long. As you may know, my cousin (who lives in Canada) just got a baby who is jumping! As a hooker and everything else, of course, I decided to give her a baby blanket. I do about one for each friend / family member announcing his next lucky package, so I had to continue the tradition. I took the opportunity to test a pattern for a simple but elegant baby blanket with hull points. I hope you like the pattern!

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