Baby Booties

Amazing and Cute Crochet cuffed baby booties pattern Images for 2019

I started playing with my Crochet Rain Boots pattern and adapted it to those cute little ankle boots with cuffs! Appreciate the model and be sure to follow my instructions for starting, finishing and participating in your laps as it differs from the rain boot model!
Crochet baby shoes are not only adorable, but they are as practical as keeping your baby’s feet warm and secure. If you want to knit and improve your skills, here are over 30 different ideas that can save you money on ready-made baby shoes!


A big advantage of having babies is that you do not have to worry about which color suits your outfits – babies look great no matter what clothes they wear! Here’s an absolutely adorable idea on how to create green zebra slippers for your little home. Time efficient and very colorful!

Always start your moves in the same place as your chain.

In rounds 2 to 5, you end your rounds at the same point as your chain. Technically, you will add one more point each round. I’ve found that it helps to heal the healing.

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