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43 Cute FREE Crochet Newborn Baby Beanie and Hat Free Patterns for 2019

I like to do simple hats. Besides being so fast, they are perfect for charity projects. There are many ways to give with newborn hats. Hospitals use them in their obstacle rooms (I always have homemade caps that my sons carried to the hospital at home!). Or how about giving orphanages? Last summer I had the opportunity to hand over 300 newborn hats to orphanages in Bogota (Colombia) (to learn more about my relationship with this wonderful country later).

Today’s free model is not so much a model, but a little inspiration. An easy and fun way to finish your typical newborn hat and make it even more visible. The hat itself is just your standard hat. I added a contrasting SC bottom row and a nice little button on the side, ready!


The free crochet baby models are so quick and easy to make and perfect for holidays or gifts. This newborn hat is a very simple model for which you need half an hour. One evening, you can create the cutest little colorful hat to greet this new package of joy!

From the designer: “This 30-minute neonatal hat is perfect for every little luck package! The boss works fast and uncomplicated and is particularly interesting for donations!”

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