40+ Lovely Amigurumi Crochet Patterns Dolls ana Animals

Amigurumi, one of the most popular trends of recent years, is able to please not only children, but also adults. If you still do not know the toys that are different from each other, at the beginning, the construction phase is determined with an amigurumi rope.


Amigurumi toys are made with simple knitting techniques, used by many women for years. To look at the opposite is very difficult, but on the contrary, a rather simple and nice amigurumi baby knits with a thick rope and can also be used for the hook according to the thickness of the rope. This type of knitting, with which you will be very fun and you will need to be very careful, has not been very popular in recent years, with the exception of the individual initiatives of women who earn their living and those who are interested in this trade selling various recipes amigurumi.

Just to explain the logic of Amigurumi toys; You must first choose a model. This pattern should be specific to the type of knitting, which can be called baby amigurumi. You can continue to choose the colors you want to use for the amigurumi doll of your choice. If you are planning to do it for the first time, you just need to know that the model you have chosen is quite simple and understandable from the point of view of amigurumi recipes. If you choose a complex and complex model in the first step, you can get rid of it before you can enjoy it.

After purchasing the rope and tunic of your choice, you are ready to launch the amigurumi models that you have already installed. All women know the design of amigurumi, which begins with a simple method of making a ring, using a technique of passing frequent needles along a ring. The color changes are made according to the model or weave, and various decorations (buttons, facial devices, clothing, hairstyle or makeup) are decorated with toys we call the amigurumi doll.

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