Baby Cardigan, Baby Dress

39+ Cute and Stylish Baby and Kids Crochet Pattern Ideas

The Whistle and Ivy Top crochet models are here! I thank you for your support in 2019 and I hope to continue to offer you a very trendy and trendy crochet work in 2019. I appreciate your continued share and your support! Happy New Year!


Was I flying or flying over in 2019? We had some crazy times with my husband’s work (we squatted all summer) and we unexpectedly moved to a new house in the fall. This year has been a lot of good and just a little unpleasant, which I think I can hope.

During the holiday season, I took a little time to define my professional and personal goals, and I keep them visible so I can see them every day (have you ever done that?). Since I do it every year, I could see which of my 2018 goals I had achieved and missed. I achieved a very big goal in 2018, but I stayed behind some small goals, but I intend to make 2019 the most fabulous year!

{Moreover, I fell a little flat during the holidays this year, so I plan to deliver twice in 2019! My list is long and I intend to concretize all my ideas (Hello Cribs!)}

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