Baby Crochet

38+ Stylish and Beauty Crochet Baby Patterns and Ideas in This Week

I learned knitting when I was a teenager … and I have always considered myself KNITTED … but a few years ago I saw a number of Amigurumi’s most amazing crochet patterns, and I knew I had to learn how to knit! Read all about my trip, how to teach yourself crocheting !! And hopefully you will also find inspiration to try it out. However, many of you who come to this site can already crochet and look for free crochet tutorials! I’ve collected some awesome crocheted guest posts posted here on Red Ted Art, as well as some fantastic prints by Etsy. Enjoy it!


There are so many super cute (and simple) baby sweaters, headbands, scarves and baby shoes that can be knitted or crocheted. Bonus children’s clothing is small, so knitting a pullover takes less time for a child than for an adult. (I could even finish two knitted socks, laughs).

I designed these shoes to be easy to put on, but rejuvenate slightly around the ankle, so (hopefully!) It’s not so easy to slip the baby off of him.

I have not done it with these couples yet, but the choice of these shoes is to choose a sock or a product to make the sole of your shoes slip-resistant. This is especially important when the child learns to stand and walk.

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