Baby Dress

37+ Colorful Baby and Kids Free Crochet Pattern Design Ideas

The Little Pixie Kids Crochet t-shirt is the Pixie Dust Tee’s kid’s companion. A wonderfully versatile bodice that combines jeans, shorts or skirts for a variety of looks in all seasons.


The Diamond Back has a beautiful design that creates a light and comfortable garment with its lace shape. The sleeves and ribbed hem envelop the arms and torso. The little girl of your life is well used by this versatile design.

A model of a crochet hood for the little ones is already in preparation. I have made scarves for my children over the past winters. They are adorable and give her clothes a special sense of fashion only when she wears them.

Always try to wear a scarf but hate the mass behind his neck. You have dreams to hunt and unicorns to drive. No time to repair a scarf.

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