Baby Overalls

37+ Awesome Baby and Kids Crochet Overalls Pattern Ideas and Images

Crocheter has been asking for years that I’m doing a tutorial on children’s clothes. Patience is a virtue and, after all, a good plan to do so is easy to follow.


The suit consists of 2 legs and a main body. To get started, you need to prepare both sections in advance and then start the main section on which the remaining projects are based. So there are not many separate components that can be sewn together at the end.

You can change the color and show how to add color to the main tutorial instead of cutting the thread each time it changes color. This saves a lot of time.

I also made a mistake in the video. I was confused about what was front and back. The video pauses for 20 seconds to indicate where I made my mistake before proceeding to the next step. My mistake is the front of life. I accidentally started on the wrong side, putting my panties on the front of my pants. Just watch it if you do it yourself. I left it in the video for two reasons:

I was in a serious time crisis.
I think, above all, that if a crochet setter ruins everything, the mistake is here. I misread the instructions and got confused. I hope, my mistake, and show you where I made my mistake, will prevent you from doing the same.

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