Baby Crochet

36+ Funny and Amazing Baby Crochet Pattern Ideas for This Week

One of the cutest gifts I ever received was my first knitted baby. When I grew up, I kept it close. I still have to remember things.


When I was interested in crocheting, I discovered that there are millions of free models on the internet. I wanted to try all. There were different crochet stitches and different techniques. The possibilities are endless when you learn to crochet an overall. That’s why it makes such a great project.

If you are looking for quick and easy generic templates, this list contains 25 different templates to choose from. Given the fact that all patterns of children’s blankets were buzzing, I thought it wise to have a list of the best.

In this list you will learn how to make a double Afghan sting or just make a simple Afghan hook for beginners.

Crocheting a baby blanket can be fun. And if you give your knitted blankets to a special person, that’s so important. Look at these 25 blankets and make a special gift for your loved one.

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