Baby Crochet

34+ Baby Awesome Crochet Patterns for Your Little Babies

Do you want to take the next step in your crochet and create a beautiful dress for the baby? Have you ever worked crochet and do you think it’s too hard? So think again! There are incredibly simple and free models of children’s clothes that will help you move on to the next step in creating children’s clothes.


I like to create these beautiful dresses and they always ask me (usually at the last moment) if I can make a dress for a child at home for a new baby. I have my favorite transition patterns that I use over and over again. I wanted to put them on a page for easy searching. Since I am constantly asked for links to knitted children’s clothes, I thought it would be easier to put them on one page and for all of you.

If, like me, you’re always looking for models, just to find pages full of broken and useless links. Well, I’m here to get rid of the frustration of finding your next scheme. The crochet community has grown considerably in recent years and many designers create their own websites and host their own models. I like to find these independent designers and offer you their incredible work.

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