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32+ Cute and Stylish Crochet Kids and Baby Crochet Pattern Ideas

It is hard to believe that it will expire in 2018 and will be presented shortly in 2019. I have set important goals for this year. Some of them met, others didn’t. We had a fabulous second year of Plaid Week and added extra characters to our Rustic Crib. It was a year full of challenges, but it was also a year of learning and a lot of fun. I’m so grateful that you’re taking this trip with me! At the end of the year, I worked with some other bloggers to bring you the best crochet pattern of 2019.


Starting with my debut, Whistle and Ivy’s first place is my Crochet Snowfall hat this year! I’m just pretending a bit because the post was actually published last year, but I’ve added more bounties this year and the popularity of the last few months has become more popular. So I count it!

Sweet sweater alarm! The Make and Do crew brought this simple crochet sweater to the top of the charts for the top spot of the year. This graceful model also comes with a video tutorial. Try it on Instagram here.

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